The B.O.S.S. Bagel Concept

Ask a New Yorker where to find good bagels outside the East Coast, and you’re bound to get laughed off Manhattan. Those poor city slickers, they don’t know any better. They think they’ve tried it all yet they’ve never tried B.O.S.S. Bagels and Coffee. Standing for “bagels on Southern soil,” Boss prides itself on serving up rolls-with-holes that are neither “New York-style” nor “Montreal-style” but are delicious all the same. That’s because chef & owner Brannon Soileau has simply returned to old-world basics. Most of B.O.S.S.’s bagels are hand-rolled before they’re boiled (like in New York) in agave water (like Texas) and baked in a wood-fire oven (like in Montreal), resulting in a sweet, dense bagel unrivaled by others. And this entire process is on full display in-store. Soileau’s chef-inspired menu also includes uncommon schmears, house-made toppings, and lever-pressed espresso. But don’t mistake this copy for the real thing. Come in and experience first-hand how the bagels are made with a watchmaker’s care, an artist’s creativity, and—as cheesy as it sounds—a grandparent’s love. They really are that good, so come on in sometime! Brannon and his wife Christie are thrilled to share with San Antonio their passion for inventive, good cooking, and look forward to making your day better with a bagel from B.O.S.S..

“An Old World Artisan Wood-Fired Technique With A Cutting Edge Twist"

Brannon and Christie Soileau are both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America. They both were able to work and live in all parts of the country including Grand Cayman Islands. Brannon was working with Four Seasons Hotels as cook/chef and Christie started out cooking, then moving to front of the house. Together, they have owned restaurants in the Midwest which acclaimed many awards such as Wine Spectator Grand list, Best Restaurant in Indianapolis Monthly, and many other publications. When Brannon was offered a teaching position at the CIA, Culinary Institute of America, they made the decision to sell the restaurants and move to New York. There, he taught in New York for 7 years, when asked if he would like to transfer to San Antonio, I believe his bag was packed before they could finish the sentence. He was thrilled to be back in his state of Texas again! Christie was also happy to move South, out of the snow and near family. They both had an instant love for the city of San Antonio. Both have been together for over 25 years and in the Culinary world that is like 50 years! “We balance each other in so many ways and have worked together for many years and are ready to get back in business together!” With Brannon’s culinary magic and Christie’s front of the house knowledge they are quite a team! Their enthusiasm is contagious!

BOSS Bagel

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